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Beauty Is Everywhere


I teach mindfulness almost every day to people who need to increase their focus on gaining life satisfaction.  I am famous for not applying this to myself.  I help others, and forget about myself.  I have always heard an old saying, "the mechanic's car does not get worked on."  So I assume that it is not uncommon for therapists to neglect themselves of the same self care we teach other people to implement into their lives.  However, recently I did practice what I preach.


I have noticed that beauty lies all around me.  I have intentionally been looking for inspiration to paint new stories.  Since I have been intentionally looking,  I see beauty that I have not seen before.  The trees in my back yard are beautifully unique.  Though they may be the same species of tree,  they each have their own unique bark design and flowing leaf pattern.  I have also noticed how the trash dumpster outside of my office glistens when the sunset hits it just right.  Of course, I would not paint a trash dumpster,  but the colors that bounce off are breath taking.


Being an artist and a psychotherapist, I am able to see life in a way that many people most likely do not.  I am able to see beauty in behavior.  I am able to see beauty in various objects.  And I am able to see beauty in an expressed idea.  Of course, the opposite of beauty also exists and unfortunately I am hyper aware of this as well.  But, I have made a commitment to focus on the beauty.


I challenge all of my readers and followers to do the same.  Put intentional effort into seeing the beauty around you,  the beauty in others,  and the beauty in ideas.  This beauty will manifest in our creativity, our spirituality, and our relationships.

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