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Children's Art - Fine Art


Recently I was traveling in New York City and I had the opportunity to observe art exhibited in a five star hotel.  The art was well displayed,  well lit,  and placed so it caught your eye when you walked into the room.   The most interesting thought I had about this art was,  "that looks like my grandson's art." 


The more I observed, I realized that everything I was taught in traditional fine art trainings were not exhibited here.  No rhyme or reason was evident.  The colors matched the colors in the room,  but it was a mixture of both complimentary all primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.  I could not figure out the symbolism,  and I could not figure out it's story.  It looked chaotic.


Then I realized,  some people enjoy art for art's sake.  It does not have to be meaningful. It does not have to have symbolism. It does not have to tell a story.  It only needs to be fun.


Since that day,  as I travel and notice fun art,  I see it with a different mindset.  Art should be fun.  It should be enjoyable.  It does not always have to be so strategic.  Art comes in many forms.  It truly is the eye of the beholder that matters. 

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