Seasons Change


Seasons Change


The seasons of life are always evolving. This is also true in the art world. Study just a little bit of art history and you will find out different art has become over the years. The original masters of art starting out with pottery, sculptures, and paintings. Currently you will find art in technology for, and even art made out of trash in many of our museums.


Therefore, it is no surprise that the seasons of change occurs in our hearts as well. Some seasons are cold like the winter. So we may create art that speaks to that coldness. A bitter hibernation in our minds and emotions. Then spring comes along and everything feels alive. So we also wake up and feel the warmth of the new days. At this time we may create art that symbolizes life, beginning, and newness. And then as fall comes back around, the warmth turns to chili nights and we slow down once again.


We evolve as people. Therefore, the seasons of life will always be different. As we move through the seasons of life we love, we hurt, we hate, we anger, and then we forgive. Such is life. Art should express all areas of life. All areas of culture. All emotions that humans feel. And art should speak to us in a way that nothing else in this world can.


If the current season you are in causes contemporary and colorful art to speak to you then run with it. If the current season of life you are in causes traditional art to speak to you then embellish it. If the current season you are in causes dark art to speak to you, then I hope you reach out for help from someone you trust. And please remember, that this too shall pass. This season will change and a new season is on its way.

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