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Art: A Tool For Healing


Art has captured many historical moments.   Art has provided a visual story of war,  death, peace, and love.  Art will always be a tool for expressing life events.  Currently, our world is under attack by nature. Photography and digital imaging will be the primary medium which tell the story of hurricane Harvey and Irma.  However, to paint the story is much more therapeutic.  

For the survivors to be able to use their own creativity to tell their individual hurricane story is a unique outlet which fosters healing and grieving.  It can motivate people to pick up the pieces and rebuild,  adapt, and overcome.   Art is an expression of the untold strength of many.

As we pray for those who are impacted by the hurricanes, we are also hopeful that all of the artists in this world will team up together and assist as many as possible with learning and understanding the power of art.  A wise woman once said, “Stick to what you know.”  “Use what you have.”   In the art world,  art is what we know, and it is what we have.  So my prayer is that we all will use art as a tool for growth.



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