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Art: The Ultimate Expression of Individuality



The beauty of Art lies in its uniqueness and the ability it has to unleash your creative energy. If you try to be a copycat and mindlessly follow everyone around you then it is an axiomatic assumption that your work would lose that distinctiveness that is exclusively yours.


Consider the fact that that a copycat cannot call what he has created a ‘unique’ piece. Why? Because he is merely following a trend or a standard fashion. Ergo his art would have a certain ‘me to’ aspect to it due to which it will end up losing potential value.


From the point of view of the purchaser, there will be no real reason why he should bother to buy your piece when the same types of pieces are already available in the market.


The core purpose of art is to move the person who sees it as if it has reached out and touched him or her in a manner so intense, that the purchaser is forced to buy it and take it home. Where it will be prominently displayed for all to see and feel.


If a work of art does not touch the inner psyche of the viewer than the artist has not been able to pour his feelings into it the way, he should have. And this is the why all ‘copycat’ art fails. Because it is ultimately about self-expression and copycat art has no personality of its own, since it merely reflects the current popular opinion of the day.


Here, it does not matter if you are either an artist or an art lover, you should only do what makes your heart sing, rather than aimlessly copying other more popular artists. Ultimately, it has to be your passion and the medium through which your inner soul communicates with both you and the outside world.

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