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Life Can Get Messy


Sharing a post from an intern at tranquilitycounselingserv.com.


Neil Richey, Intern


David Shannon, the president of Freed-Hardeman University, told the following story.

Brandon was just six years old when he decided to serve his mom breakfast in bed. He had watched for the past two weeks as she made his pancakes, and he thought to himself that he could do that for her. So, he got up early one weekday morning and went into the kitchen. He pulled out a bowl and set it on the counter. He remembered that his mom put flour into the bowl. He didn’t know how much to add, so he just added a lot, and in the process flour got all over the counter and floor. He then went to the refrigerator to get some milk, because he remembered that ingredient as well. He poured in the milk, and added as much as he thought was necessary. Next, he went back to the refrigerator to get some eggs. As he took the carton of eggs from the refrigerator, out of the corner of his eye he saw that the family cat had jumped onto the counter and was drinking the milk out of the bowl. He placed the carton of eggs onto the counter and shooed away the cat. The startled cat knocked the eggs off the counter onto the floor. All twelve eggs were broken, leaving behind a real mess. He grabbed the bowl of milk and flour from the counter, put it on the floor, and began to try and salvage some of the eggs. He attempted to pick up the yokes with his hands, and placed what he could into the bowl. In frustration he stepped back and looked at the mess. He saw the flour all over the counter, and watched as milk ran down the kitchen cabinets onto the floor below. He saw the eggs all over the floor, and at that moment Brandon’s eyes began to fill up with tears. All he wanted to do was something nice for his mom, and now, all six year old Brandon could think about was the fact that he would be in trouble for the mess, and that his mom would have to clean it up.


About that time, Brandon noticed someone standing at the doorway to the kitchen. It was his dad. Afraid that his dad would be angry with him, he put his head down and braced for the worse. His dad said, “Son, your mom is still in bed asleep. Perhaps you and I can clean up the kitchen together, and then we can serve your mom breakfast in bed. Would you like that?” “Oh yes!” Brandon said.


My takeaway from that little story is that life can sometimes get messy, despite our best intentions. Learn to except the little imperfections and be okay with the fact that you will never do life perfectly. Remember that tomorrow is a new day. Learn from the mistakes and do a little better tomorrow. Take each day as it comes.

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