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An interesting event recently occurred.   I had someone to my house for evaluation purposes.  When he finished his evaluation around the issues needed, he made a statement about my artwork.  At first, I was not sure if he meant his comment in a positive manner or a negative manner.  I have grown accustomed to the idea that everyone does not share the same perspective regarding art work,  and this typically does not bother me.  In this moment I simply did not know what to expect next.  The next statement this person made suggested that I should continue to do exactly what I was doing regarding my art.  I believe this was meant as a compliment.  Maybe not so much that my artwork is that great  (yet),  but more that I was following my heart, doing something I enjoy, and not letting the politics and conformity of the trade cause me to doubt myself.  This of course made me smile,  because that is the core purpose that I believe in fulfilling every day.  And I teach my clients the same.  Be true to yourself.  Do not worry about the critics in the world,  they should not have any control over your joy.  We were never meant to be the same,  so therefore, it is not logical to expect for any of us to do things the same.  We have all failed at something, made mistakes, and felt shame.  But that is what has made us who we are today, and we get to choose to make this a positive. This is especially true with artistic creation of any kind.   In every branch of the art world we all have heard many stories of successful people who were criticized.  Elvis was told he couldn't sing because he was different than others in his time.  He is a great example, of how being true to yourself does pay off when you do not let other people steal your purpose.  I choose to practice this same philosophy with art.   I choose to continue to share my art and others' art with the world on my website.  And to all of the artists in this world,  your art is beautiful !

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