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No Fear !


Fear can be debilitating.   Anyone who has heard me speak, teach a workshop, or summarize my research knows that I teach people as often as I can that fear is debilitating.  Fear can cause depression and anxiety. Fear can prevent relationship satisfaction.  And fear can prevent an artist from being true to the self.  Fear would tell us that "my art isn't as good as another person's art".  Fear will tell us, "this is not worth anything"  But the reality is, art is always worth a thousand words.  Art speaks to people, and the fact that it is not perfect most often means it is making a heart felt statement.  Do not be afraid to let your talents be seen.  No matter how many critics may come your way (and typically people are critical because they have internal issues going on, it is not really about you or your art) be bold with your art, and be proud.

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