Art It Out


Art it out.  That is an expression that was adopted by a local therapist to be used as the title of her business. She uses art therapy, and artistic expression for therapeutic treatment.  This concept is exciting and intriguing. As artists we are typically focused on the purpose of our art, we are focused on what we are attempting to create or recreate, and we are focused on what we want to express to the viewers.  However, we are also impacting others in a creative and therapeutic manner.  How many times have you looked at a piece of artwork and it spoke to you ?  Somehow you could relate to the symbolism in the work. The work provoked emotions and thoughts that were dormant before.  Art is a very powerful tool.  Art can awake our five senses.  Art can put a smile on our face.  Art can memorialize a person or event. Art is personal and it is personalized.  I encourage all artists to continue to express your thoughts and emotions through your artwork.  Your work most likely will speak to someone else one day, and that is a priceless accomplishment.  Of course it is an awesome thing to earn money for our art, but to know that the value of our art lies in something much less superficial can be empowering and fulfilling in its own way.


Pay attention to the art around you.  What is it saying ?  What does it remind you of ?  Why did it catch your attention ?  Spend some time thinking about which art speaks to you and why.  You most likely will gain much self awareness this way.  That self awareness is your ticket to making your life fulfill the purpose you were put here to fulfill.

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