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You Be You !



Competition can be healthy for children to learn conflict resolution, good sportsmanship, and even to understand that failure is a part of life and we do not always get what we want. Competition can be healthy for adults in the career field because it gives a person the drive to grow. However, when we compete with each other in other ways such as trying to keep up with the Jones', trying to look like that magazine model, trying to be the coolest and trendiest person at the social event; then it may not be so healthy. In my upcoming book I talk about you being you. You are evolving everyday. You are unique. You are special. No one else in this world can take your place. So why would you compare yourself to others only to determine that you are flawed. It is not logical to compare ourselves to others no more than it is logical to compare apples and oranges. Yes they are both a fruit, but they are nothing alike. We are all human, but we are not completely alike.


When we compare ourselves to others we are minimizing our individuality. When we compare ourselves to others we are neglecting our gifts and talents. When we compare our selves to others we are not nurturing ourselves, we are not utilizing our self compassion skills, we are not modeling healthy behaviors for our children.


STOP comparing yourself to others and be proud of who you are. Be proud of your individual beauty. Be proud of your talents and gifts. As you increase your self awareness you most likely will like yourself more and more. As you begin to like yourself you may actually learn to love yourself. Others will respond positively to this. And your purpose will increase. Why would you continue to compare yourself when people need you to be you?


In the Art world, many conforming principles exist.  This comes from the attitudes of those who want other artists to be just like them,  therefore, they mentor others in a way that provokes a lot of "cookie cutter" art.  Of course the criteria for fine art is a standard that all artists should understand and implement into their works.  However, we all should not be creating art just like someone else.


Be creative. Be you.  Be artistic in a way that speaks to you.

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