Original Art Website

Art From the Psychee is An Original Art Website That is Amassing a Fan Base at A Rapid Rate.

I did not expect to enjoy art and oil painting so much that I would be able to put up my original art for sale on an original art website. The process started as a way to feel closer to my father and grew to an activity that I truly enjoy. If you have been looking for original art for sale browse my offerings and see if you enjoy any of my efforts. I named the site Art From the Psychee because of the surprising therapeutic effects of creating your own piece of art. The great Bernard Shaw said “you use works of art to see your soul” and I have found that to be true.

Here is a report by a fan after browsing through my artwork and discovering other people who enjoy the work: The original art for sale at Art For the Psychee is gaining the attention of locals. Perhaps it is because each piece has a story behind it, or maybe it is because the artist is going on this journey to honor his father who was an artist, or maybe it is the generosity of the site, as proceeds from art sales are donated to worthy organizations. Whatever the reasons are, be sure to judge for yourself and browse the original art website today to see if any of the paintings draw your eye or your heart. Many of the pieces have unique stories behind them and the creator truly practices art just for the fun and cathartic abilities of creation.

I hope you enjoy the work I have created and I hope you are inspired to purchase a piece to hang on your wall or even create your own window to the soul.