Homemade Paintings For Sale

Art From The Psychee Offers Homemade Paintings for Sale.

Homemade paintings for sale bring to mind the idea of a warm homemade loaf of banana bread passed on to a new neighbor or a sick relative on a cold fall day. Homemade is not a word oft associated with paintings but most art is indeed a homemade venture of the soul and the heart and homemade paintings for sale often do have the same care worked into the details as a loaf of bread except the painting is also a work of art that may grow in value over the years and will certainly be able to be enjoyed for more time than other homemade creations. I enjoy homemade baked goods as much as the next person, but my real passion is creating homemade paintings that allow me to show instead of tell so much about myself.

If you are looking to buy large paintings online check out the selection at Art From the Psychee. If you are interested in commissioning a piece then tell me a story and see if that inspires the spark of creation. If so you may be able to buy your own commissioned piece. Large oil canvases are more than an image to view the depth and work that goes into quality pieces tell a story, and many people claim that they can stare into them for hours studying each brushstroke that seems to be worlds within worlds. I know the work that goes into a detailed oil painting and I respect other artists' works more than ever as I am now on the journey of creation myself.