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Art From The Psychee Is Your Resource to Buy Original Art Online.

If you are looking for quality handmade paintings for sale then browse the selection currently available at Art From the Psychee. Each piece of art comes with a story behind it because the creation of it is an extension of myself and events that occur. View the world through my lens and my translation into oil on canvas. I challenge you to find out if your feelings from the painting match my inspiration while creating it.

We are all creators and artists deep inside. Sometimes it takes a tragedy, transformation, boredom, or just a spark of courage to release the inner artist and allow creation. A baker making a loaf of bread worthy of painting is just as much an artist as the painter who stylizes it on canvas and the writer that brings the words to pull the image of that same loaf and the smell of it into your mind. I open myself and invite you to look at my own handmade paintings for sale if you want to buy original art online.

A portion of the proceeds from sales currently go to charities that I choose because I am on this artist's journey to create and enjoy the public's response. I have a personal connection to each piece I have painted and I hope that some of you find a connection to particular pieces and want to bring them into your home to enjoy daily. I will continue to create more pieces so I invite you to browse my work occasionally to see updates on projects and new pieces.