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I teach mindfulness almost every day to people who need to increase their focus on gaining life satisfaction.  I am famous for not applying this to myself.  I help others, and forget about myself.  I have always heard an old saying, "the mechanic's car does not get wor...


Recently I was traveling in New York City and I had the opportunity to observe art exhibited in a five star hotel.  The art was well displayed,  well lit,  and placed so it caught your eye when you walked into the room.   The most interesting thought I had about this a...


Seasons Change

The seasons of life are always evolving. This is also true in the art world. Study just a little bit of art history and you will find out different art has become over the years. The original masters of art starting out with pottery, sculptures, and paint...


Art for healing - Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma


The beauty of Art lies in its uniqueness and the ability it has to unleash your creative energy. If you try to be a copycat and mindlessly follow everyone around you then it is an axiomatic assumption that your work would lose that distinctiveness that is exclusively y...



Defensiveness in many ways is a psychological way to survive in this world.  We feel we need to defend ourselves, and in many cases, this is true. For example, if someone physically attacks you then you should defend yourself at all costs.  If someone fals...


Sharing a post from an intern at tranquilitycounselingserv.com.

Neil Richey, Intern

David Shannon, the president of Freed-Hardeman University, told the following story.

Brandon was just six years old when he decided to serve his mom breakfast in bed. He had watched for th...


Also published on my Tranquility website -

An interesting event recently occurred.   I had someone to my house for evaluation purposes.  When he finished his evaluation around the issues needed, he made a statement about my artwork.  At first, I was not sure if he meant...


Fear can be debilitating.   Anyone who has heard me speak, teach a workshop, or summarize my research knows that I teach people as often as I can that fear is debilitating.  Fear can cause depression and anxiety. Fear can prevent relationship satisfaction.  And fear ca...


Art it out.  That is an expression that was adopted by a local therapist to be used as the title of her business. She uses art therapy, and artistic expression for therapeutic treatment.  This concept is exciting and intriguing. As artists we are typically focused on t...

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