Dr Shannon Barnes

Dr. Barnes earned her doctorate degree in counseling studies and went on to establish a  counseling business designed to provide a variety of psychotherapy needs to her community.  Once this was a success, Dr. Barnes returned to education to enhance her artistic skills. Dr. Barnes completed an art diploma with highest honors through a virtual institute. Dr. Barnes is currently completing a Masters Degree in Fine Art with a focus on drawing and painting.

Everything in life is tied to a purpose.  We find purpose in people who inspire us.  My work was inspired by my father. He was a talented artist loved by many. I grew up watching him create masterpieces. After he passed in 2011, I picked up a paint brush and began creating art to maintain a connection to him.  I explore the beauty around us and I create from that beauty. 

I take photos of inspiring scenes as I travel and as I am simply running errands in my hometown.  Many times, my work does not come from photos.  Many times, I see an image in my mind and I create completely from the heart.

My goal is to create beauty for a purpose. This allows me to remember the man who was not only my father, but also my mentor in life. 

     - Dr S

Inspiration for art as an expression of life is how Artfromthepsychee was created in 2005. However, artfromthepsychee remained dormant and unseen to others until 2014. A new passion for the beauty of life inspired Artfromthepsychee to surface and began a vision to share the artwork for a purpose. Artfromthepsychee was developed for three reasons -



Art can be very therapeutic. The artist is a psychotherapist who uses art to work with children and adults to find psychological healing within the storms life can create. Through artistic therapeutic expression many individuals also find their own purposes in life.



Artfromthepsychee was created to honor the memory of Archie Adams, the father of the artist, who passed away in 2011. Archie was a very talented artist who was an important person in the artist's life. The artist grew up watching her father create breath taking masterpieces and vowed to be able to follow in his footsteps one day.



Artfromthepsyche will partner with other local artists to sale their masterpieces. The profits will be donated to a local organization in order to  help local families. This is to honor a man who was  completely selfless and upheld a high standard of integrity, honor, morals and values. Artfromthepsychee will continue to maintain these traits in all that it endeavors upon.

Theme of the month -

Unique is Beautiful